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These program study guides were developed by James Rafferty to enrich your understanding of the Salvation in Symbols & Signs program topics. We highly recommend watching the programs as you go through the guides. A link to the matching program is included. As you begin, pray and ask for the Holy Spirit's guidance. We hope these study guides are a blessing to you! Please feel free to share with your friends.


Introduction & Overview to Revelation 
Follows Programs #1 & #2

Many believe that the book of Revelation is a book shrouded in mystery; a book so mysterious that only learned men can understand. But Revelation 1:3 says "Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near." God has promised His Holy Spirit will teach and guide if we want to understand His word.   



Sanctuary Items
Sanctuary Symbolism 
Follows Program #3

How does the sanctuary in the Old Testament help us to understand what the first and second sections of Revelation are about? Let's go to the Bible to inform our understanding of the sanctuary.  




Jesus First
Jesus First 
Follows Program #4

Everyone will be drawn to Jesus when he is lifted up. Learn about Jesus Christ and you will be able to identify the antichrist. Anywhere with Jesus we can safely go. Follow Him and where He leads and we will have nothing to fear. 




Follows Program #5

This review will bring us up to date with our understanding of what tools and principles we can use in our study, instead of just "leaning on our own understanding." 




Son of Man
Son of Man 
Follows Program #6

Since the book of Revelation is a "revelation of Jesus Christ," we need to understand who He is, and what He is doing behind the scenes for us.  




Ephesus - The Love Flame 
Follows Program #7

The seven churches are not only churches located in the cities of John's day, buy they also represent the church in all ages from Pentecost to the second coming. The church of John's day was Ephesus. This church has ceased to put Jesus first and seems to be doing good works out of a sense of duty and obligation, rather than out of love for Him. 




Smyrna - Bittersweet
Follows Program #8

The church of Symrna is one of only two churces that Christ has no correction for. They are poor in this world's weatlth, but they are rich in heaven's faith. 




Pergamos - The False Throne 




Thyatira - Sacrifice of Penitence




Sardis - Escaping




Philadelphia - Brotherly Love




Laodicea - People Judged